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Hand Flexible Sander

Product Description: 


This device has the ability to change from an angle grinder to a belt sander in seconds! It’s perfect for wood, metal, stainless steel polishing, grinding, effortless and quick polishing.


You can use it on METAL:

Or you can use it on WOOD:

Designed so that you can install the belt sander attachment on to a table, which provides a great stand. The perfect tool that can be used at home or for industry use! 

Features and Benefits:

Made from high-grade Aluminum Alloy

Reduces noise, high stability, suitable for precise DIY work 

Multifunctional, cost-saving, and efficient improvements  

Powerful enough to use for expert work and efficient enough for beginners to use! 

Package includes:

✅ 1 x Belt Sander Attachment

✅ 5 x Sanding Belts