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Belt Extra Hole Puncher

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More than just a Belt Puncher tool:

This 3-in-1 Belt Hole Puncher tool can create holes, install snaps, and ad eyelets accurately on all leather products including belts, watch straps, dog collars and much more. 

Engineered with high-grade plating and heavy-duty steel, and double lever mechanism makes the hole puncher extremely accurate for a variety of usage. It is also very durable so it will last you a lifetime!




Featuring a variety of different size hole punches, it can also punch holes in plastic, rubber, canvas vinyl, fabrics, and many more materials. 

Key Features:

✅ EASY HOLE PUNCHING - Renew and make use of items like belts, purses, straps, and more. 

✅ VARIETY OF SIZES - Change to your desirable hole diameter.


✅ MULTIFUNCTIONAL -Create new holes on leather, replace worn-out snaps, and add eyelets on clothes 

All with one tool. 


✅EXTRA SHARP CUTTING - Perfect to use on leather, plastic, rubber, canvas, vinyl, fabrics, cardboard, and more.